Let’s put it very easy. If you had to tell your hair, who would you prefer it to be? The center hairdresser who has training and experience or your friend who cut her bangs once and did not look so bad? Exact. As much as I swear you are good at it and it can not be that difficult, you will most likely tell your friend that you have thought better and will leave your hair. The same goes for the professional proofreader.

When you need quality results there is only one solution: put yourself in the hands of experts. And this is applicable to all areas of life. But if you are an author and you need your work to be perfect, you should entrust that work with a professional proofreader. Because there is nothing that frames your writing better than the absence of formal and aesthetic flaws.

A professional proofreader knows what to look for

When a text is written and reviewed to check for errors to be corrected, it is very likely that the person who wrote it will not be able to detect those mistakes, because he already has what he has written recorded in his mind. And neither the fact that many people read it or review an automatic corrector is the solution. To ensure that our writing is free of errors, a professional proofreader is necessary, as he approaches the work with fresh and trained eyes.

The professional proofreader not only has a perfect command of the orthographic rules. Its added value to texts lies in its knowledge of the uses and customs of the language, as well as in its extensive and advanced lexicon.

A good correction improves the text. Fixing the errors found, the professional proofreader reinforces the intention of the author when creating his work. He can ask that his writing be, for example, more didactic, if it is an academic text. The proofreader will be able to provide a simpler or explanatory lexicon, as well as correctly use typographical resources such as bold and italics to highlight what the author is expressing.

A good correction includes more than one professional proofreader

In Letropia we take care of all the texts, treating them with the greatest respect to make sure that we are adding value. We do not want, in any case, to change the style of the person who wrote it. Our function is that your text has more credibility and quality, and we carry out a deep style correction or an ortho typographical correction, it is more superficial. That will depend on the problems we see in the text when analyzing it for the first time. If you contact us to request correction budget, you will receive a free sample of the result, so you will know what type of correction is appropriate.

For a correction to be optimal, it is necessary to carry out several corrections by more than one professional proofreader. Each of them will focus on different aspects of the text. Thus, one of them will make a first revision of style to correct grammatical errors and eliminate phrases, among other things. After this, another will perform an ortho typographical review to detect and correct, for example, spelling and punctuation errors. Finally, a proofreading is carried out when the text is finished and ready to be published.

At Letropia we work with a complete team of proofreaders to give your text the linguistic quality it needs, whether there is a publisher behind it or not. If you think you need a team of professional proofreaders by your side, trusted and forever, do not hesitate to contact us.