If something happens to the workers of the publishing world (I, after nights of thought, I still have not been able to find a reason), is that we are unavoidable victims, forced prisoners, necessary captives (…) of this phenomenon that I do not know if with more grace or truthfulness it has been baptized as professional deformation.

And it is that this is so, since one begins to devote his life to the production of texts, he begins to read in another way: he is lost. And not only in the sense that the story begins to transform, in your mind, in matrices, margins, widowed lines, double tabulations or that you feel an impossible urge to appease for knowing the typography or the type of paper on which it is printed , but because even books start to be picked up differently.

When a copy comes to your hands, there is a force that pushes you to read the editorial parliament, or what is the same: the little letters that appear on the first page of the book and that the rest of the world skips without the slightest guilt.

Well, that also happens to me. And, as a professional in the publishing field, I can not help but feel a pinch in my chest when I finish reading that page and I can not find any mention of my guild (orthotypographic and style correctors), which we dedicate a lot of time and effort to that book goes perfectly.

Do not think that this is a child bounce or a whim to achieve fame (although correcting texts on a yacht must be the most inspiring), it is simply a small claim for a figure who has always done his job in the shadow, that leaves the eyes and the soul to correct every poorly constructed sentence, every little errata, every double space, in reviewing indexes, counting pages …, in short, that works with a lot of effort so that the book reaches perfect in the hands of the reader; and which is dispensed each day more in the publishing sector, either for economic reasons, pasotism or pure ignorance, and so we wear our hair (someday I will tell you the amount of barbarities that can be read out there, which are not few not banal).

If within the publishing sector we do not take care of each other and enter the same how but much and already loop, if we do not pamper culture and good work in the field of language, who it will?

Therefore, I say that it costs a small mention on that white page, so that everyone knows that we are and that we are for them, that we do not discredit the authors, but that we work supporting and advising them in their work.

I suppose that, among editors, translators, illustrators, cover designers, layout artists, printers, photographers of the author and a long etcetera, you will be able to find us, without a titanic effort, a hole, right?