Surely, if you are thinking that your work needs a correction, some eyes that look at it from outside and value what their mistakes are, the first thing you have asked yourself is: how much does it cost to correct my book? It’s normal, you may never have had to resort to a professional proofreader and that economic valuation and correction fees are a mystery to you. In this article I am going to help you to know what factors are subject to the correction rates of the sector and of our text correctors in Madrid.

The first thing I have to say on this subject is that, although in some professions there are minimums stipulated by an organization or by the guild itself, in correcting texts it is not like that, and I want to make this clear to you so that you prepare your mind for a variety of budgets and offers that will make it harder to know who to decide.

UniCo is the union of correctors, our association, and I recommend that you take a look at their information about the profession. They also have a very good guide to know what to expect from this service and where they inform both clients and correctors about the limits of our profession.

How much does it cost to correct my book? Get to the point, Clara!

Well, and then, on what is a professional proofreader based to put his correction fees? Well, like everything, we must take into account the following:

The hours of work that will be used in your text. These hours of work will depend not only on the length of the text, but also on the state it is in. That’s why budgets tend to be personalized.

The resources that the professional proofreader uses to carry out the work and the reliability that he projects. That is to say: are you registered as autonomous? Do you have a physical office where you can attend? Do you work alone or in a team? Do you pay for publicity to find it? Do you comply with regulations such as the RGPD (new law of data protection)? Do you have a reputation or good image based on a good website or a very visible social profile? Have you found very positive reviews about your work? All this raises the rates, but it gives you peace of mind as a customer, is not it?

The delivery time will also cause the cost to vary a lot. If you demand a shorter delivery time than the professional proofreader offers you, it is possible that you increase a percentage (usually 25%) over the usual correction rate so that you have your text on time. Also, if the correction professional, be it a private person or an agency, offers a short delivery time, your rate may be higher than that of others.

The type of correction offered. You should know that there will be correctors that will offer you style correction or orthotypographical correction. I am of the opinion that the two types are necessary so that the result of the correction is the best. If it offers a double correction made by two professionals instead of just a correction, it is logical that the budget is higher, but the quality of the result also.

Is the professional proofreader you have in mind going to make suggestions and proposals about your text? To know it, it is best that you ask for a free sample of the result. There you usually see what will be the deal that offers you and if you will be part of certain improvements or if your work is going to stick to not leave a comma out of place. This will depend a lot on the will of the proofreader, it is not something that you have to do, but if you do, you will probably get it, just as the result may be better than if you do not.

Is the professional proofreader that you have in mind going to assist you when you have some doubts about other topics related to your book (plot, how to publish it, etc.)? This is not something that all professional proofreaders do, like the previous thing, it also comes from the will and knowledge of each one. But if you do, your rate may be higher.

Are the budget and working conditions clear? If you send a budget where you specify what you are going to do and what is not, it will help you a lot to analyze if it is what you need and you can check that your rate corresponds with it.

As I said, there is a wide range of offer in the sector of the professional proofreader. If you think about it, it’s like any other sector. Does a cafĂ© in the center of town cost the same in a trendy place and a cafe in a simple bar in the suburbs? Does the entrance to a concert by a famous singer and that of a group that starts be the same?

It is normal that your eyes do chiribitas with a budget of correction of a low cost, but, before accepting it, eye, bear in mind that you could be hiring the following:

  • A correction professional who has little experience.
  • A professional of the correction with little volume of work.
  • A proofreader who does not dedicate himself to this as a profession, but as a hobby.
  • An unskilled proofreader (neither by experience nor by specific courses).
  • An unprofessional corrector that does not contribute to Social Security or pay VAT.

A correction professional accustomed to working with another type of client that has needs different from yours, such as publishers and companies that use another modus operandi (for example, they make more than one correction, but with different correctors).

A correction professional who works alone, who does not have an office or a good customer service (does he have a postal address on his website ?, and a corporate phone number?), And that, as soon as he finishes with your project, you will not have time to answer your questions, simply, because, even if you want, you will not have the capacity to serve many clients at the same time.

A correction professional who will dedicate you a limited number of hours and maybe not the necessary one: you only have to see the total budget and keep in mind that you should not spend less than an hour for every 3,000 words. For example, if the tax base of the budget is 100 euros (without VAT) and your text has 30,000, at least, you should dedicate 10 hours to your text. That means that you would be charging 10 euros an hour or less (if you attend by phone or email, it’s a little longer). So think: is he a very good person and does he charge very little (maybe he has no experience or does not live to correct) or does he dedicate little time to your text?

I hope all these data will help you to hire the professional text correction service that best suits your needs and your pocket, but always knowing what the differences are, and that you no longer ask yourself “how much does it cost to correct my book?”. If you are thinking of correcting your book or an important text for you, encourage us to ask for an adequate budget for your needs through the form. If you send us a fragment of about 1,000 words and tell us the total number of words, you will not only receive a detailed budget, but also a sample of the result so that you can see first hand what we offer you.