The proofreader usually plays a role that is often hidden, but very important when publishing a text and buy essays online for college. The correction consists mainly in pampering and polishing the text, from the maximum respect, until it is free of orthographic, grammatical or stylistic imperfections.

From Letropia we offer you the possibility of reviewing and correcting any type of text that is important to you (at an institutional, academic, personal level, correction of marketing texts …), and we are committed to taking care of it as if it were ours.

Here we tell you how we can help you in Spanish, but if you need to review a translation or texts written in other languages, we can also be by your side, write us!

Premium correction service

For us it is important to be able to give you the best service in correction. Our experience has shown us that it is necessary for two correction professionals to correct your text. Otherwise, they could be misprints and mistakes of the human being. We know that if you hire a correction service, the least you want is that they are errata. That’s why we put our correction team at your disposal.

Academic correction

You have almost finished your thesis, your TFG or your TFM and you can not do it anymore! You are tired of reviewing the uni style guide, the bibliography, the errata, etc. Actually, you have enough with all the data collection you have done, such as to look at commas or how to quote the author x. In Letropia, we want to take that dead man off you. That is why we have an exclusive service for you, where we adapt your text to the academic language and the bibliography to the format that your university requires.

Correction of literary works

As the author of a work, it is normal that in your text there is something that escapes you and in what you need help: spelling, lexical variety, narrative language … Does it sound like?

We present a complete style correction service with which you will not miss even a comma. Our service is complete because it is double: two proofreaders work on your text. So that we know how we can help you and what your text needs, contact us through the form, tell us how many words the document contains and send us a sample: so we can explain in a personalized way what you need. Do not hesitate to tell us more things! For example, if there is something that worries you especially. We are here to help you.

How much does it cost to correct my book? When you send us all the necessary information, we will send you a personalized quote.

But if you are in a hurry to know what your text needs, we recommend that you take a look at our Diagnosis of your text service for $49.

Literary consultancy

You are a writer, but you have doubts. How can you find out if your book is worthy of being published, if it needs improvement, if it is well understood or if it has literary quality?

Surely you will hear some of these thoughts:

  • Nobody gives me a critical opinion about my book: they are all flattery.
  • How can I publish it? I have no idea of publishers
  • Who can give me a general idea about my book? It’s good? It is bad? Is it well written? Is it interesting or useful what counts?
  • Can I present my book as it is to publishers or contests?
  • I would like to publish it, but I do not know where to start.

3  Publication packs

You have finished writing your book and you plan to publish it. What an illusion! Now you have a very interesting road ahead and I want to help you go through it. On the one hand, I offer to help you improve your book: before self-publishing, it is advisable to check the content and the form. With literary advisory sessions of 60 minutes (online or in person), the content, plot and plot of your book will improve. With our premium correction made by two professional proofreaders will be ready to go to market. In addition, our professional layout service will leave you ready to print, and our printers will make it happen. But this does not stop there, we can help you publish economically with Amazon KDP and you can also use literary consultancies to learn more about publishers and how to realize the dream of publishing in a traditional publishing house. With these packs you will not only be able to publish your work, you will also have the opportunity to deepen it with an expert advisor and to learn.